Week2–Genius, madman and creativity


As we all known, mad is a phenomenon with disordered mental, characterized by capricious, out of control or vent endlessly. However, “mad” can be divided into two kinds.


One is “mad” in sick which may become a mental patient or criminal. Another kind of “mad” is what artists are striving for, which performance as positive, healthy and progressive and full of creativity. The kind of “mad” could help to arouse people’s artistic creativity.


As Chessick(2005) claimed in his article “what grounds creativity?”, In the future, artists who did their create process are more likely to be considered as the behavior of “mad”. In my point of view, we should protect and encourage this rare “mad” and their genius creativity.The creativity itself is out off the limitation of daily life and try to break the ordinary principles. Chessick (2005)said, “The very experience at which an artwork of genius aims is to shake us out of our current worldview, out of our contemporary structures.”

There are three suggestions that may give you some inspiration of how to think like a creative genius.

Reference: Chessick, R. (2005) ,What grounds creativity? 2005. pp.8-11.


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