Week3–The power of comparison!

There are various kinds of advertising strategies.As we all know, comparative advertising is one of the most famous strategies which is frequently used.

This kind of advertising make a comparison between two brands,it aims to highlight the brand’s characteristics in certain aspects, persuade audience to accept the brand which is better than the contrast, it is much more suitable for target consumers’ demands. As Roman(1976) said in his book “How to Advertise” that compare similarities can lead to a new idea.


We all know that it is hard for the consumer to judge the value of a product, they can only make a choice rely on comparison. For example, it is difficult for the consumer to fully understand the R&D cost, manufacturing cost, channel costs, marketing costs of a can of Coca-cola.So, why they are willing to buy a can of Coca-cola rather than Pepsi, what it relies on? This is the power of contrast!It’s not only the price comparison between each kind of soft drinks, but also the comparison between the use habit, brand image or even the spokesperson.


Thus, comparative advertising has played an important role in advertising.However, we should also pay attention to the shortages of it.When we compare with two brands’ product, I think there are four rules may be useful to remember.
1.Be careful to the advertisement law.
2.Make an accuracy positioning to product’s advantage.
3.Find a suitable comparison.
4.Trade the edge when make comparison.
Kenneth Roman, Jane Maas(1976), “How to Advertise”, published by St Martin’s Press.


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