Week4–Be simple ,than leap!

In the modern information society, the transmission of various kinds of information should be much more simple, rapidly and accuracy.Therefore, Simplicity has become the prominent characteristic of the modern design.

images (1)

As Michael mentioned in his book CREATIVE LEAPS “Simplicity must be a value that is constantly sought by everyone involved throughout the entire advertising process .”

In my point of view, simplicity can promote leaping. Simplicity is a great creative thinking method; it makes the product more humanity, intuitive and elegant. Achieving simplicity is not only a kind of creative method, but also a kind of life attitude. When designers have completed refine the product in a simple style, they have already made a creative leap.


Simplicity design can promote efficiency in the work, get advantage in the market, be a communication language between consumers and design , it is also a kind of aesthetic of the users.


The ad showed below which is designed by Apple could be chosen as an example to present the beauty of simple.The process is full of dots which was the basic element in this ad.However, by combining, changing again and again,it has explained simple idea “We simplify, we perfect, we start over”. Apple has really made a creative leap.

Reference:Micheal Newman,2003,Creative leaps,published by John wiley&Sons(Asia) Pte Ltd.


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