Week5—Nothing more than feeling!

What is concepting, as Tom(2013)mentioned in his book

“we will define conception as the development of Big Idea”.

“concepting is the bridge between strategy and tactics,taking you from gathering facts and getting organized to creating words and pictures. “

I totally agree with him.Whether you want to be a greater writer or a fantastic painter, all you need to do is to create good ideas to catch target your audience.


In my point of view, the emotional impact could be one of the best effective way to let the audience engaged in.Consumers think with both their rational and emotional brains.I think when we buy, it’s for emotional reasons.The integration of emotional affection, love, friendship, etc., all the emotion they could allow consumers to find their shadow of his past or present by using the product.It could aroused sympathy between products and consumers.


For example,the ads for AT&T which still let us remember freshly: One evening, an elderly couple was eating dinner, then the phone rang, the old lady went to another room to pick up the phone.When she back to the table, her husband asked her: “Who is calling?” She replied: “your daughter.” Her husband asked: “What happened?” She said: “Nothing.” The old man was surprised and asked: “Nothing? A call from tens of miles away?” The old lady sobbed: ” she said she loved us.” The elderly couple said nothing but looked at each other with tears.

The slogan of this ads: “Use the telephone to show your love!” Whenever I watched this classic ads, I am always touched by it.As fMRI neuro-imagey shows 

“When evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions (personal feelings and experiences) rather than information (brand attributes, features, objective facts).”


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