Week7—White space in design

When you see the white space in an advertisement, what may come into your mind? Many people do not understand why designer use it.Before I learn this course,I may also think whether the designer forget to draw this part?

white space1

Actually,white space seems to be one of the most controversial aspects of design.

In the modern poster design, white space has taken more and more percentage in the picture.The main image is always accounted for a small proportion.In my point of view,comparing with the traditional type of ads, this type of design can point out the theme more prominent and bring stronger visual impact to the audiences.

Therefore, in my opinion, if we could use the white space appropriately,it can make the main image and blank parts become complementary rather than mutually exclusive. It could make the picture full of artistic video realm and with modern design style.

As Robin (2010)said in his book: “Through visual hierarchy, rhythm, and the use of other design principles, you can arrange a flow of information, guiding the reader from the most important information to the least.”


The poster of the famous Japan brand “Muji” could be a good example.When the person is standing on the horizon, it makes him look very small, but the whole picture give us enough room to the imagination.The vision of the vast field could make the audience calm down, the implied meaning of the white space has been dug out—the eternal power of life, it has expressed the beauty of white space vividly. So that the whole picture is full of awe-inspiring atmosphere that has reflected the spirit of the brand concept effectively.


In addition, Vichy sun cream advertisement also use this principle.Plenty of white space highlight the visual center, moving our line of sight to the product’s shadow, which protected the child who is under the sunlight.By using this humorous expression style,it has expressed the function of the sun cream totally.


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