Week8—Explore your creativity in ambient advertising!

Medium is the carrier of advertisement, without the medium, advertising has lost the channel to communicate with audience as well as that the effect of advertising cannot be achieved.Thus, the spread effect of advertising largely depend on the choice of advertising medium.There are various kinds of medium.For instance,print,broadcast,outdoor,TV and others.

In my point of view, I have shown great interest in ambient advertising.Whenever I sit in the bus station,stand in the subway or across the zebra crossing,I could experience ambient ads.This type of ads could be placed on unusual items or in unusual places you may not normally see ads.It has broken the limitation of time and space, which is a wonderful outlet to show creativity.

1 mc_do-scaled1000

As Sandra and Lachlan said in their article that:

“One of the fundamental premises of Ambient is that the world is an advertising stage. Everything is a potential advertising medium—sides of cows, rockets, golf-hole cups, etc. “

“Newness, creativity, novelty and timing are key themes in Ambient advertising. “

ambient creative-ambient-ads-part-24

The Smart Fortwo has shown its ambient ads in downtown Toronto with enormous bike locks.I think the aim is to persuade their audiences to buy a tiny car that could enjoy the convenience of driving in such a modern city. This as has ingeniously appealed to its slogan “Fits into tight places.”



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