Week9—Experiences first,then buy it!

Experiences, as a creative type of advertising, it has provided an opportunity for customers to use the product and experience the concept of the products.As Jeffery(2013)mentioned in his article:

“They are branded interventions, entering the lives of consumers in targeted and useful ways when and where they’re desired or needed. ”

Furthermore, due to the specific features of this type of advertising, it has appealed to the develop trend of the digital world.As Garrick Schmitt(2009) said in his article:

“Experiences promote ‘trial’ over simply messaging and — quite frankly — experiences are much more suited to our digital era when everything is just a click away.”

Nike, as a world famous brand has recognized the importance of experiences in advertising for few years.Their Trevor Edwards claimed that “We’re not in the business of keeping the media companies alive, We’re in the business of connecting with consumers.”They have hold many running race in different countries around the world which have successfully shown their spirit to the customers.”


In addition to Nike, one of my favorite campaign that based on the concept of ‘experiences’ is Coca-cola Christmas gift bottle. I think everyone wants to be concerned and bless during the festival,I am looking forward to the gifts at every year’s Christmas. Coca-Cola has ingeniously grasped this psychology of customers, they used the bottle as a carrier and made a creative combination of Christmas lights and plastic packaging materials.

I think Coca-cola has transferred the happiness and their brand concept at the same time. They came up with this wonderful idea which has increased their reputation and popularity.



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