Week10— When brand become a culture

When you go to the shopping mall, the exhibits on the goods shelves are a feast for the eyes.And for myself, I always hesitate which one to buy.After considering the prices and quality, my decision may finally depend on the brand.Indeed, brand has played an important role in consumer’s mind


As Keller(2001)said in his book:

“The power of a brand lies in what the customers have learned, felt, seen, and heard about a brand over time, In other words, the power of a brand lies within the mind of customers.”

There are various kinds of strategies for marketers to sell their products by using their brand.In my point of view, it is wisely to use storytelling for brand marketing.By telling the story of the brand, customers could not only engage in the concept of the brand, but also experience the culture of the brand.I think the culture of a brand should play an important role.

As one of the top five brands with the highest level of recognition in the world, Chanel has successfully used its brand story to receive the enduring popularity.


Due to Miss Chanel, who are full of mysterious and charming in her whole life, this brand has a rich historical resource that could explore deeper stories.By selling the brand story,Chanel has used a normal way to expatiate its brand concept.For example, when I look through its official website, there is no common introduction of this company.The new products have appeared in the attractive old photos and told their charming and enchanting story that have sold the brand concept ingeniously.I always deeply reveled in the beautiful story.


As its slogan said:“I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.”Chanel is not only a brand,it is fashion!


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